Monday, June 15, 2009

True it is!!

Life does not give you the what you want, instead it gives you the ones you need to be a part of your life ,to teach you, to hurt you, to love you to make you the person you should be.These people/incidents in your life make you a better person.Appreciate it and trust me at any point of life when you turn back to retrospect there will be nothing to regret.Life is short in terms of happiness and longer when it comes to learn what life teaches you in its course.So Live for the moment and Plan for the future.Simple!!


Monday, June 8, 2009


I have edited my blog.I am good at doing a retrospection on the kind of work I do.Remove all the random crap i have been posting.C'mon its my blog and it has a image to keep up with :).

This is just FYI.This is not a random crap again.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Miss Communication :P

The title says it all..or do i need to say more.Thats my title for this quarter :).Self proclaimed,self presented and all myself,I hereby pronounce myself as Miss communication :D.Wondering what is all about...its just about those times and amazing moments when i describe things and situations to people and finally mis-communicate and complicate a situation.Does it sound you..and then probably you deserve the title too :)

Moral of the story : Stay grounded .Just know what you want and talk it out.Simple!!

Its 12:30 AM and I am supposed to be fast asleep..but on track right now is my fave Khamosh raat sehmi hawa ,which is definately a Rahman magic , a unique composition which i can listen almost everyday.Such fine lyrics and who wouldn't love it.

Listening to much more and such more compositions by the Mozart of Madras as he is fondly called by many :)


Mellow down!!

I need to mellow down and probably slow down to things happening around,be patient and take each day as it comes and definately not lose any focus.Its life and truly one's focus gets pulled into all the possible directions and as such there is nothing to get overwhelmed about.In a genuine attempt to maintain a balance in life ,I guess the prerequisite to it would be the perspective, the way we look at things in our daily life,the approach we have does bring in a difference.

Like they say Change is the only thing constant in life,one has to welcome the changes time brings on,accept it humbly(well depends!!) and make it an integral part of life.Something not easy but truly do-able.Take it easy !! is what i say.Worry adds to the worry existing in life and it does simply no good.When one cannot predict the next one hour in his life ,he stands no chance in worrying about the rest of his life .He would rather work on making the next five minutes of his life worth the time.Lots said and done , i would make a better person only when i practice what i preach to others :D seriously true!!

In testing times one should always be Smart rather being stupid!! Thats all.


Saturday, May 30, 2009


No work till date started on Tuesdays has ever taken a shape to moii knowledge.A bit scary but thats the trend i observed lately.

I better start getting superstitious about Tuesdays now or wait until the Jinx is broken!!.
Can something/one break it please :D
Have to make a choice.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Telugu lo!!

There is a saying in Telugu...Vankara kallaki anni vankara gaane kanipistayi...I did laugh out loud..the first time i heard it...but so true it is.You are what you think and act,the choices you make,
inturn make a difference in your life.

I cannot handle the company of people with a pre-conceived set of notions in their mind.They are such a difficult set to talk to.They just cant seem to be flexible at all.God save them.

How does my blogging on this make any difference!!!.Poor blog is the only one that listens to me all the time.It just has to...ahem!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I am going Nuts now!!!

What the heck yaa...why aren't things picking up?? Its so slow!!! I hate things moving slow when they aren't supposed to.
I need to see a "CHANGE" in my life..some kind of a change...its been more than 3 weeks already..yaa!!! Can't sit like this whiling away my time for no good :(

Must get busy pretty soon!!!.Coming long weekend will be fun for sure..My friend pushhhh is coming all the way from Seattle and we are meeting almost after 3 and a half years...She is too excited to be here for a east coast trip and so am I looking forward to having a fun filled trip.
Be it the potlucks or the assignments...Pushh always finished it well for me lol!!!...well that was college.Lets see if we girlies find each other any different from what we were 3 years back :)

Looking forward to some amazing memories!!